Some Other Way Analysis

The powerful video, Some Other Way, tells the story of a MMA fighter who reenters the ring after a three year hiatus from the sport.

The video does an excellent job unfolding the character, by revealing his past and personality.

The beginning of the video creates a strong connection, after an audiovisual hook of James Cordero, states he’s been sober for 27 days.

After revealing his problem with addiction, Cordero shares his struggles with being bullied and as a child and that he’s been fighting his entire life.

By sharing his past, a deeper connection and understanding of Cordero’s personality is created between the viewer.

Also, sharing his past of addiction and bullying reveals that’s what motivates him to recover and become a better person.

As Cordero reveals more about himself, it is clear that he has neglected his family in the past due to his drug and alcohol use.

However,  his upcoming helps him to realize that his family is most important thing in his life and drugs and alcohol constantly were in the way.

There are a variety of tight and wide images throughout the video.

The video begins with a wide shot of the city that sets the mood for the rest of the video.

During the phone conversation, there are tights showing Cordero’s hands, eyes and fists that show his intensity as a person. 

After the fight, there is a powerful image of Cordero pointing up to the sky with the natural sound from the crowd which was very powerful.

The music and natural sound in this video were also very strong. 

Although there is only one song the entire video, it gradually builds as Cordero opens up about his life and eventually wins the fight.

Also, in the beginning during the phone call, there is natural sound of sirens which intensifies the message of his problem with addiction.

I really enjoyed this video, not only as a fan of MMA, but because of the connection created with Cordero.






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